Gold savings app Nauggets has partnered with Azupay, a specialist real-time payments fintech, putting gold in reach of anyone with an Australian bank account 24/7 365 days a year.


From buying and spending gold, to sharing with friends, Nauggets’ mission is to democratise gold via a digital platform that has been designed to simplify every aspect of transacting with the yellow metal. And in partnership with Azupay, the payment experience has been further streamlined by integrating to the New Payments Platform PayID and PayTo instant account-to-account services.


Nauggets Head of APAC, Phoebe Tooker, said by bridging the gap between the experts and the everyday consumers, we’re allowing our users to buy gold with the same benefits that the big players get.


“We want to stand out from other fintech apps by making our user experience fun, fresh and simple. We want members to feel it’s as easy as saving in fiat currency, like your regular savings account.”


“With many investment options being extremely volatile we can see gold has proven to hold its purchasing power over time and be a good hedge against inflation. Gold is a safe haven, and we want to encourage a habit in people to diversify and save in an asset that is stable.”


Wanting to remove fraud, dishonours and chargebacks, Nauggets turned to Azupay to provide a faster and simpler alternative to credit cards. With more than 12 million Australians having adopted PayID and unlike legacy payment methods, PayID brings instant payments to their customers while gaining straight-through-reconciliation along the way.


Another innovation that Nauggets is offering its customers is PayTo, a giant leap forward in how Australian businesses and consumers pay and get paid. PayTo one touch payments allow instant wallet top-ups with much greater flexibility and control while dramatically reducing missed payments and processing costs.


Azupay Chief Product Officer, Tom Rundle, said it’s exciting to see new and innovative partnerships like Nauggets bringing new use cases to the table.


“Instant and easy to use PayTo and PayID payments help Nauggets’ deliver the promise of investing in gold being as easy as saving in your regular bank account,” said Mr Rundle.


Nauggets is also encouraging their members to save the planet’s future while saving for theirs with their proud partner, One Tree Planted. As part of the initiative, One Tree Planted will plant a tree for every activated account and 1 tree for every $1,000 of gold purchased. For more information, visit





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Trent Daniel, Enterprise Sales Director

Mobile: +61 402 289 853


About Azupay

Azupay are specialists in real-time payments and the first to offer consumer-to-business payment solutions using the New Payments Platform (NPP) and PayID. Driven by innovation, Azupay enables Australian businesses to improve their cash flow, reduce fraud.

Azupay is proud to be ‘genuinely Australian’, certified Australian Made, and encourages responsible spending.


About Nauggets

Phoebe Tooker, Head of APAC

Nauggets is a global, digital gold platform that allows consumers to buy, save, send and spend gold. With the vision of democratising gold, Nauggets provides everyday consumers with commissionless gold and many other benefits.


Now launching in Australia with Azupay to make owning gold even simpler.